Wholesale Wooden Toys Every Waldorf Home Should Have

Posted on: 2 May 2019

The Waldorf teaching method is used in private schools and homeschooling around the world. The teaching method focuses on natural living and imitating daily life. For example, a popular toy you will see in a Waldorf environment are mini kitchens made from wood. They are natural and allow your child to play and imitate what you are doing. If you starting to build your Waldorf homeschool environment, and a similar style theme for your child throughout the home, you want to consider wholesale wooden toys. Here a few to get you started and how you can utilise them in your homeschool life.

Wooden Kitchen Set 

When you think of a wooden kitchen set for kids, you may think of just the sink area. Waldorf toys extend beyond the traditional toys in the stores. A wooden kitchen set is the sink, cabinets and if you want to can extend the entire kitchen area to include a table and chairs. You can help your children by teaching them to clean the area. You can also let them play house and watch how much they pick up on what you do during the day. This simple edition can be your only purchase, but it would be the most vital with the most learning experiences.

Wooden Rainbow

Puzzles are something that many parents want their children to have. One puzzle that allows your children to explore their creativity is a wooden rainbow. This wooden toy is made of individual arches of the rainbow. Your child can take the rainbow apart and create different shapes, puzzles and styles of their own. They can explore how the arches rock, balancing and other basic ideas behind some aspects of science. The possibilities are endless with this toy for the logic, creativity and science options it can provide.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden building blocks are a staple for many families. The problem is that most families stop and start with the idea of using the blocks for creative building. The truth is wooden blocks can be used in curriculum study as well. You can use them alongside wooden block puzzle cards to help your child figure out patterns. You can also use them to help build castles, habitats for animals and other imaginative play that can give the child a better understanding of a specific topic. They can last through several grades, and most wholesale wooden toy stores carry a variety of them.

When you are ready to order toys, contact your local wholesale wooden toy dealer. They can help with your order, shipping and delivery. They can also answer questions if you have specific items you want. Keep in mind each wholesaler has different buying options, so make sure to find the one that meets your needs, your child's age group and the toys you would like to enhance your homeschool curriculum.